Hi, I’m Laurie

A little about my essential oil journey

My essential oils journey began when I was looking for natural solutions to boost my immune system before back-to-back airline travel. I found that and so much more with doTERRA! I never realized these products could affect every aspect of my family’s everyday life, but they do.

Now my family uses doTERRA essential oils and products to maintain wellness, support weight management, balance emotions, create natural health and beauty products, clean our house, and even calm our dog during thunderstorms.

You can find doTERRA products in every room of our house; they are in the laundry room, bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, and even my car! I also have a diffuser and at least 2-3 bottles of oil at work at all times. I am sharing these amazing oils with others to empower them to take back control of their health one drop at a time.